Nov 30, 2013

Snow at Nurmijärvi

Last day of November. In Helsinki, some sort of wet sleet is coming down, melting when it hits the ground. But 30km north, at Nurmijärvi, it was snowing.



Nov 24, 2013

Last hour of daylight

We had another beautiful sunny November day. We went out walking around the fields of Haltiala and Vantaa river, saying hi to the cows bathing in the last rays of sun, and watching a bunch of magpies have their meeting in the top of a couple birches.




Nov 19, 2013

Windy Sunday

Sunday was really windy here. Actually, as I learned when I got around to reading the news, it was classified as a storm, "Eino". Apparently Eino has caused a lot of havoc (in the Finnish scale, which is really nothing compared to the storms of the "big world", e.g. at the Philippines or the twisters the U.S.), cutting of electricity from a couple hundred thousand households due to fallen trees etc. It was the worst in Eastern Finland; I here only noticed the wind pulling my car and the flags in front of Ikea blowing sideways.


November sunrise and full moon

November is mostly rainy and gray, unless we already have snow on the ground. That is, however, quite rare here in southern Finland where the snowy winter time usually begins around Christmas. Sometimes mother nature surprises us, though, and last weekend, and even still yesterday, was fully sunny - those few hours of daylight that we get.

On Saturday I happened to be on the road when the (1 day short of) full moon had just came up, the sun still setting on the opposite side of the skyline.


So, yesterday morning I walked down the stairs, at approximately 7:20, to the view of sun rising behind the houses, making the world a bright orange.


Nov 11, 2013

Ice art

Leaves on the hood and windshield of the Mercedes, frozen into the icy swirls created by the nightly freeze after a rainy day.


Nov 8, 2013

Barren trees

November has been rainy, if not as cold as most of October was. Gushing winds and pouring rain have pretty much knocked off the rest of the leaves in the birches and other trees around. Mostly overcast and wet, even when it's not raining, the weather is as dreary as November tends to be. Every now and then the sun tries to peek through the clouds a bit.

Sun setting already at 5pm or so


Sun climing up at 9am or so