Aug 31, 2014

Out on a sunny day

Today has been a sunny day, after a couple weeks of rain and thunder. Several times has it happened in the past days that I have left home for a walk with the dogs in full sunshine, with my sunglasses on, and gotten wet halfway through our walk. Sun casting shadows, hard rain falling on me and the dogs. True eeyore-moments... Not today, though :) Sun has been out for good all day. Then again, I haven't. We've been resting and taking it easy mostly, after a few rather eventful days and sleepless nights.

So, only some moderate dog walks today, in the sun. Enough to feel the warmth and cherish the light. And take a couple pics of a chokeberry tree and that hydrangea paniculata, that has turned almost completely pink now.




Aug 27, 2014

Hail and thunder

This year, after the hot weeks were over, we've had one heck of a thunder season. Can't remember similar. Thunder and lightning and hard rain day after day, several days a week. Today was the latest episode of thunder and lightning right on top of us, accompanied by hard rain and hail, nearly 1cm in diameter.

Aug 24, 2014


Fruit and berries are ripening fast with the approaching autumn. Late summer flowers are blooming.









Aug 23, 2014


Hot and humid days turned to cool rainy ones a couple weeks ago. All this rain with occasional sun has gotten the mushrooms popping up here and there and everywhere. A bolete even decided to grow at the edge of our lawn.


Aug 16, 2014


As I have stated a few times already, the poor June sort of spoiled the gardening season for us. So I hadn't even given our tomato plants a second glance, thinking that they were a lost cause. Today, however, my husband asked me if I had noticed all those tomatoes growing an little flowers on the two plants. I hadn't, but when I went to look, sure enough there were dozens of green plum tomatoes and even more flowers there! One of the plants had grown quite big, leaving the other one with less sunlight. The warm weeks had indeed boosted our tomtaoes into action. Now we just hope that the nights won't get too cold again before we can harvest our own plum tomatoes :)


Aug 15, 2014

White turning pink

Hydrangea paniculata in some of our neighbors' yards is blooming beautifully now in the late summer. It is mostly white, and looks like it's turning pink, but then I don't know if this is simply how this bush is.


Aug 10, 2014

Down by the sea

With our garden so shriveled up this year, the Seasons Diary has been more quiet this summer than it has ever been. Oh, well. Summer is still searing hot, even though it's nearly mid-August already. Next week should start the rainy cooler season, according to the forecasts. Cooler being day temperatures around 21-23C whereas they have been like 26-30 for weeks now. It is humid - 50-70% or so - making the still-moderate temperatures feel even hotter. Sweaty I would say.

The sea with its never stopping breeze is always a good choice when the going gets hot. A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend at our friends' island, and yesterday we drove down the Porkkala peninsula to enjoy the sunny Saturday.