Sep 24, 2014

Frosty morning

This autumn was half of an autumn for quite some time, until last week leaves started to fall, and this week the temperatures dropped, at least temporarily. This morning was the first frosty one.






Sep 17, 2014

Crab apples

Apples are ripe. Not that we have any apple trees of our own, but there's a whole lot of them in the neighborhood, and all those crab apple trees next to the paths where I walk with the dogs.



Sep 8, 2014

Shaggy cap

There stands one lone shaggy cap by the road. A tall one it is, too! Before it opened its cap, it looked like the Seattle Needle in the grassy undergrowth of the forest side.



Sep 4, 2014


September is here, autumn is here. A strange on it is. Trees are still persistantly green, musrooms are not receiving the message that autumn is here. There are some here and there, popping out, but none of that outburst that the weather conditions - except for the warm nights that haven't dipped below +10C as of yet - would have already suggested.