Jul 20, 2014

Strawberries and cornflowers

I've got to say that with the June having been as cold as it was, we sort of lost any interest in gardening this year. So whatever has been growing in the garden after we initially planted it, has been doing so on their own. Strawberries have done well. Salad and beans somewhat, but not flourishing. Some of the flowers have finally started to blossom, a cornflower being the first one to bloom.




Haltiala fields

We went for a longer evening walk yesterday around 8pm. The sun was still quite high over the treetops, but making the shadows long. We walked past some fields of already yellow rye and barley, and through a cut hey field to say hi to some horses down there by the Haltiala farm, and back home in the warm evening sun.



Jul 16, 2014

Wet lily

It rained last night, so the ground and a lot of the flowers were glistening with raindrops this morning.



Jul 14, 2014


We've been eating strawberries from our own garden one here, another there, but today I collected all the ripe ones and there was enough of them for a little pie :)



From the countryside

We spent the weekend a bit over an hour's drive up north from Helsinki, in the countryside, by a lake. The days were a bit windy, but we got to enjoy a lovely light late evening when the wind died by ten. The night up there is shorter than down here, even though the distance is a mere 120km or so. There was a whole lot of flowers in bloom and the red currants were ripe,or even beyond.









Jul 5, 2014

Flowers in our yard

Now we finally have some summer again. May be too late for most of our garden, but at least strawberries are doing good, as is our surprise violet and the hosta undulatas. The flowers I planted in May are growing in one pot, but not producing flowers yet, and nothing seems to be happening in the other flower boxes. I guess the birds have been eating our seeds.




Jul 1, 2014

Zucchini flowers

Koriander, spinach, dill etc. have leaves turning red, like autumn foliage. Even zucchinis, that usually are rather good growers even in our colder climate, have really not been growing their leaves. A couple of them have started pushing out flowers, though. Salad is doing good, even now.