Feb 13, 2016

Another snowfall

Yesterday and even last night we had a new snowfall. The temperature being above zero, be it ever so slightly, and the sun shining today warming everything its rays touch, even this snow is rapidly turning into a watery mess. I drove past the Vantaa river and stopped to take a couple pics of the river, currently not flooding but the water is pretty high.

Feb 9, 2016

Snow melted again

It was a deja vu. We had heavy(ish) snowfall, nice white ground for a week or so and then came the plus degrees and rain. 

Feb 1, 2016

Snow's gone

Only a week ago we had a good 40-50cm of snow here after the Sunday blizzard. Then the temperature rose above zero and it started to rain and now the snow is mostly melted away. The sidewalks are treacherously slippery with all that wet ice and it feels like spring.