Feb 24, 2014

Blackbird has spoken

The sun keeps trying to penetrate the veil of clouds and mist evaporating from the melting ground. Dirt roads are muddy, grassy lawns and parks are wet, water is floating everywhere as the little bit of snow and ice we had this winter is melting away. The daily temperature has risen to +5C and it 's supposed to be getting even warmer today or tomorrow, at least for some days.

First blackbirds have returned from their winter excursion and are keeping their springly concert as they're hopping around under the bushes and at the edges of yards and parks. Our day is 10 hours long already again. In a week it'll be officially spring time.


Feb 22, 2014

Day before rain

Today is another rainy day. But yesterday, it was below zero and the ground was frozen, with a light layer of pure white snow on top. February can't make up its mind...



Feb 20, 2014

Light snowfall

February decided to show us that it still is a winter month. Today the temperature has been below zero and we've had some light snowfall all day. No wind though, so it has really been a very nice winter day, if gray, naturally. We went out for a longer walk with the dog, around the fields, now that I am getting my energies back gradually.


Feb 19, 2014

Spring happened to snowhenge

While we still had some proper snow, some kids had built a "snowhenge" on the field behind the school. Well, our winter seems to be pretty much turning into spring already, and all the snow is melting, the snowhenge along with it.


Feb 11, 2014

Snowy day

Last night we got another few centimeters of snow, after a couple of very wet plus-degrees (Celcius) days. The world is fluffy and beautiful again, with the trees and the black wet icy grounds covered with new snow.


Feb 6, 2014

Cold morning

After a few slightly warmer days, today dawned colder again. The world has a delicate frosting and the sun is rising behind a misty veil.


Feb 1, 2014

15cm of new snow

February brought 15 centimeters of new snow overnight. Since it's Saturday, none of the streets have been plowed yet. Our neighbor was in the business of pushing snow from our joint driveway, when we went out for a walk with the dog (my first walk after the surgery!).The dog has never before seen such snow and was a bit perplexed, but after a while started leaping in th snow and burrowing its snout in it and such.