Apr 26, 2015

The sea of flowers

Blue and white, the colors of Finland. In the spring time, these two colors can be found mingled together in a sea of wood anemonies and liverworts. I have always wanted to live by a forest where liverworts (hepaticas) grow, never before I have, but now we do. It's beautiful! The blooming of liverworts and wood anemonies overlap somewhat. Liverworts are the earlier bloomers of these two.


Trees are getting leaves - not my favorite spring sign, the birch just yet, though. Willows are flowering. The other one of our apple trees is pushing buds. Won't be long and it is in full bloom!

Apr 24, 2015


How lovely. Our yard is full of different flowers, as is the forest which is also turning greener and greener each day.

Apr 16, 2015

First dandelions

Yesterday I found the first dandelions of the spring, haging out from between some rocks on our rock wall.

Apr 15, 2015

A lone narcissus

The sun is out again today after a rainier day yesterday. A lone narcissus has opened its petals.

Apr 11, 2015

Wood anemonies

Today was an absolutely lovely warm sunny day and we were out most of the day, washing cars, cooking, and sowing a whole lot of different seeds in small pots. We now have basil, oregano, dill, parsley, radishes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, coriander, sun flowers, marigolds and lavender in the pots. At least. I might have frogotten something.

Our yard has all sorts of flowers blooming now. I was totally surprised when I noticed the patch of wood anemonies on our yard. They are way ahead of their normal schedule! 

Apr 10, 2015

Spring and sun are here again

Sun came back bringing the warmth of spring here again. Crocusi are blooming, tulips are pushing out buds, first trees and bushes are getting leaves, our apple tree has small red buds and the blackbirds have returned. The nature is waking up and our yard is full of surprises!

Apr 7, 2015

Liverworts spotted

It must be spring. Birds are chirping, wood peckers are pecking and I've spotted the first liverworts :)

Apr 4, 2015

To snow or not to snow

The wetherman just cannot decide, now can he. Warm, snow, warmish again melting all that new snow, then snow again. I took these pics on the same day. Midday and evening. Unbelievable!