Jul 28, 2013

Flowers and mushrooms

The red clover is blooming now, as are the hosta undulata and our rucola too. Mushrooms are growing through our patio, in the cracks between the planks.


Garden in late July

I was away for a mere week. Yet, so much had happened in our garden in that short time! The medina chilis had started to turn red, as had the first cherry tomatoes. The green pepper and naga jolokia had started to grow their first fruits. Cucumber, aubergine and zucchini were hanging heavy with ripe fruits. Beans and sugar peas were ready to be harvested.


We harvested quite a lot of the stuff yesterday evening.


Beans we made into a side dish by boiling them and then adding oil and crushed garlic. Zucchinis we grilled, and the aubergine I peeled, sliced and deepfried. We also have more rucola than we can possibly eat, so we had some if that at the dinner table too. At least a small effort ;)


The sunny wall got hit by some hard winds, knocking the tomatoes and some other pots over. The plants are a bit leaning on each other now, but still they seem to be happy enough!


Jul 26, 2013

Blooming palm trees

Last day in Las Palmas before heading back home. I walked to a supermarket for some last minute shopping and saw these palm trees with white flower shoots next to the parking lot.


Jul 25, 2013

Mountains of Gran Canaria

A couple days ago we went for a roadtrip over the mountains of northern-northwestern Gran Canaria.

On the east and north side of the island the mountainsides are full of laurisilvas, eucalyptus trees, aloe veras with their funny tall flowers that grow sideways on the hills, canarian pine trees and such.


On the west and south side, the mountainsides are bare, with some shrubbery, different types of cacti and the occasional palm trees growing here and there.


Jul 21, 2013


I haven't seen too many butterflies fluttering about in our garden, except for white ones like this sitting on our potted rucola.


Flowers in Las Palmas

Visiting my mom in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria for a week, I took a stroll in the blooming courtyard of her appartment complex.



Jul 18, 2013


A couple days away and we had one ripe cucumber, and the beans have really started to grow.



From our summer place

Blueberries are ripe, but it's been such a dry summer that they are small and hardly juicy. Strawberry season is almost over. Harebells are blooming.


A lone duck lady more or less lives at our summer place. It naps on our peer and comes to the yard to ask for some bread when the algae of the lake isn't enough to take away the hunger.


Jul 15, 2013

From the zoo

We went to the zoo today. Most animals were just sleeping in the shade.




Hosta undulata blooming

Our hosta undulata is finally blooming, after thinking about it for quite some time.


Jul 13, 2013

Inchworm that got lost

Just lying in bed before going to sleep, I all of a sudden noticed this little fellow inching its way on my blanket :D Summer brings funny things inside the house!


Jul 12, 2013

First cucumbers

The first cucumbers were ready to be picked yesterday. Every other day there's a new ripe tomato. Sugar peas are ready to be harvested.


Zucchini keeps making flowers, and fruits too.


Salads and rocket are pretty perfect.


Oh, and there a tiny 1-2cm long baby beans on the bean bushes!


Jul 8, 2013


We went to visit my sister for some grilling and such and took with us some zucchinis, eggplants, zucchini flowers (stuffed with feta cheese), the first ripe tomato, basil and and salads - a little bit of harvesting of our garden :)


The sugar peas are full of ripe peas, while the beans have just started to produce flowers. Strawberries, every day there's a few new ripe delicious ones!


Jul 4, 2013

Garden update

Both green pepper and the bhut jolokia have been growing a lot lately. Jolokia has a whole lot of flowers, green pepper is getting ready to bloom too. Cucumber plants have grown very tall, our bamboo poles aren't even tall enough for them anymore! And little cucumbers are growing on both plants.

Salad, rucola and spring onions continue to prosper on the hilltop, despite the continuous invasion of red clover (which I weeded out again today, after taking the picture). Rucola in the pot has gone wild, and parsley is growing nicely.

Only sad ones on our sunny wall are those chives, for some reason or other.


Zucchinis are growing by the day, soon we'll be having our first grilled ones! And the first tomato is starting to turn red.
It also seems that our funny scarecrow is actully keeping the birds away, for now for the first time I have seen the strawberries stay intact while ripening.


Flowers as June turned to July


Our hosta undulata has some small flowers now. And something else is blooming amongst the hedge on our front yard, something vine-like with white flowers. Something orange was in full bloom on my sister's yard, and roses and some tree flowering here in our neighborhood.




Jul 1, 2013

First aubergine

The first eggplant seemed to be ready to be picked already, so we did.