May 28, 2016

All sorts of flowers

Spring is turning to summer. Apple trees were at their best last week and now have dropped their petals. Lilies of the valley have filled the forest behind our house. Lilacs are in full bloom. Daisies are already in second generation, first one having sent it's seeds flying. Nature is at its best.

Still just about to bloom, a week ago

Friends' crab apple tree, still looking good

May 20, 2016


Last year there was one primrose plant right next to our fence. This spring I noticed several more in the flowerbed at the edge of our backyard. Maybe they were there already last year too, covered by all them tall weeds, and I just didn't notice them. Now I pulled out the weeds around them, and the roses I planted last summer, to give them a chance to grow and prosper (and be seen).

Of course, the apple trees also are looking more and more brilliant as more flowers open their petals. Yesterday evening they were already looking so nice, especially as the evening sun rays hit them diagonally.

May 17, 2016

From blossoms to blooming

Apple trees, naturally, I still don't have that cherry tree I've been dreaming of since I was 12 and visited Japan. Apple trees in our yard are the next best thing, though. Extremely pretty when blooming. Those little pink blossoms have not all opened yet, but they're getting there. 

Wilds strawberries are im flower too. And butterflies and bees are buzzing around in the dandelions and other flowers.

May 14, 2016

Apple blossoms

I was away on a business trip for a few days and when I came back home, our apple trees were full of green little leaves and pink little blossoms. The red currant and ghostberry bushes have leaves and little flowers too. This morning I saw a lonely bumblebee doing his job pollinating the red currant.

May 5, 2016

Tulips and leaf buds

Spring has advances in leaps and bounds now that the temperature went from a couple degrees to 20C in one night or so. Tulips in our yard are happily blooming, birches have a faint green about them, apple trees have buds and cherry trees in the neighboring yards are blooming. Our bushes have little leaves and the butterbur a few flowers. Rhubarb is growing nicely. Wood anemonies are at their best.