Feb 27, 2015

Signs of spring

Spring is early this year. Our yard is mostly snow and ice free already and it's not even March yet! Not that I wouldn't know that a new batch of snow can attack any day until April or so... Flowers are coming up here and there, practically through the last bits of ice and snow.

Feb 22, 2015


These past days have been like March rather than February, with temperatures above zero, sun and rain altrenating, ice and snow melting fast. Some mystery bulbs next to the southern wall of our house have sprouted already, pushing out through the sun-warmed ground.

Feb 15, 2015

Fickle February

February this year has been going bakc and forth, some days a few degrees below zero and snowing, some days a few degrees above zero and raining. Sun hasn't shown itself to us too often at all this winter, and the gloom creeps on. Today, however, has been a sunny day for a change, and it immediatelly shows in my mood and energy to do things.