Jun 10, 2015

Little baby birdie

Some little birdies have their nest inside of a rock wall next to our garage. We have watched the mama and papa birds fly relentlessly back and forth, bringing food to their baby birdies for some weeks. Then, one day, the baby birdies were ready to start flying themselves too. One little one flew to our window and sat there confused for a long time, chirping an sos message, it sounded to me. It did not fly away even when our dogs were going on a frenzy over the bird. I got the feeling that it did not know how to get off of the sill. 

I put the dogs into a different room and pulled my garden gloves on, opened the window more ever so carefully, to get my hand outside so I could help the bird down, but then it took off. A bit wobbly it flew to the nearby lilacs where mama and papa birds were, too.

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