Aug 9, 2015

Potatoes, onions and berries

Starting to be harvest time. Yesterday I dug some new potatoes and onions from our garden. I did try to get a few radishes too, but they don't seem to like that clay soil much. Berry bushes are heavy with berries. I never had th patience to pick more of those red currants myself, so we had a neighbor pick them for herself. I am determined to go and do some gooseberry and raspberry picking today though. We'll see how that goes ;) 

Unfortunately there's not much else to be harvested from our garden this year. The poor summer, poor dirt, all the other projects etc. sort of took over and ate the motivation. Apples we will have, though a whole lot of them are already rotting into the tree and falling off - not because of being over ripe yet, but because the locusts destroyed the tree a lot in the early summer. The other tree does not bear too much fruit this summer, but those few apples there are looking quite delicious already, though not ripe yet.

Busy lizzies are finally blooming, in two colors: fuchsia and orange.

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